Sun White Taiyo Co., Ltd. started its coal manufacturing business in Indonesia in the 1980s with the aim of supplying it to charcoal restaurants.Since then, it has been based in Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam, and Laos, and now imports and exports various products. It is a general trading company that handles.
We are focusing on entrepreneurship and human resource development in Asian countries so that Japan can unify Asia to compete with the United States and EURO, and play a part in becoming a suitable country as a leader of the ASEAN economic zone. I will.

1) Further development and improvement of developing countries
2) Leave limited resources to the next generation
In addition to making the above the main themes, we will also realize the employment business of Asian human resources in Japan that started last year at an early stage.

3) Supply of labor force to the aging society that accelerates in Japan

We will continue to push forward as a bridge between Asia and Japan.

Representative Director Keita Shirasaki