2015/10/24 Interviewed on national television in Hanoi, Vietnam.Vietnam television
2010/01/11 "2010 impressions"
-Proposals beyond expectations-
Living industry newspaper
2009/01/01 "2009 feelings"
-Challenge with high ambition-
Living industry newspaper
2008/08/01 Sales of charcoal “Taiyotan”, save forest and prevention of global warmingOwners eye
2008/01/16 "Child care and work"
Nara newspaper
2008/01/14 Cooking by" Taiyotan"Nara newspaper
2008/01/11 "Head of 2008"
-For sales in Asia-
Living industry newspaper
2008/01/01 "Hot sale of brazier on the internet"
-Showa retro feeling-
Living industry newspaper
2007/06/01 "Charcoal saves the earth"Kinsan newspaper
2004/02/08 "Taiyo charcoal" industry's first eco mark
-High quality and low cost with sawdust-
Mainichi newspaper
2003/03/13 "A" commerce "that pleases customers"
-Results of training in the office worker era-
Sports japan
2000/04/14 "Entrepreneur story"Bangkok Weekly Report
2000/03/07 『People&Events』 MAINICHI Daily News
1998/06/15 "Oga charcoal building materials"Hokkaido newspaper
1997/08/02 "The fire of the kiln is not extinguished"Osaka newspaper
1997/07/26 "From sawdust to" Bincho charcoal ""Osaka newspaper
1995/05/24 "Use of waste materials in Southeast Asia"
-Full-scale sales for commercial use and soil improvement materials-
Japan Agricultural Newspaper
1995/02/24 "Providing home at the charcoal import edge"Daily hope newspaper
1993/01/27 "Establishment of distribution system"Nikkan Kogyo Shimbun