I can’t play! Doesn’t smell! Eco Mark certified solar charcoal (white charcoal)

The tree is never felled, and a large amount of shavings generated during wood processing is compressed and baked by the same manufacturing method as Bincho.

The reason why I want to recommend “Taiyo Charcoal”

SafetyUnlike natural Bincho charcoal, it does not get stuck.
Ease of useIt can be easily cut according to the size of the seven wheels.
BargainIt's cheaper than the natural Bincho charcoal and it's a cheaper set.
Good qualityLong-lasting fire, strong ignition, strong firepower. Professionally recognized quality
Eco-friendlyEco-friendly "Taiyo Charcoal", so it's kind to the earth.
EconomicYou can enjoy charcoal cooking about 13 times with this set because it has a good fire. The unburned charcoal can be used again by putting it in water to extinguish the fire and drying it well.
Looking forward"Taiyo charcoal" is high-quality white charcoal and is odorless. You can enjoy your meal comfortably.

[Solar charcoal] Ignition method

1. If you tap it with charcoal or charcoal, or with a hammer, it will easily crack into the size you like.2. Place the wire mesh on the gas or electric stove with the hole facing up and ignite in 5 to 15 minutes. It is convenient to use a dedicated fire igniter.
3. In the case of outdoors, use a newspaper or the like to set fire and use a twig to stabilize the fire. Place solar charcoal on it in this way and ignite it while sending wind with a fan.4. With this level of fire, you can use it by transferring it to a seven-wheeled vehicle. Please enjoy delicious charcoal grilled food.