About Taiyotan


"Taiyotan" is highly recommendable charcoal successfully managed with the establishment of the special charcoaling technology and manufacturing process. The raw sawdust is not containing a chemical substance such as construction waste but 100% pure natural sawdust generated at the time of cutting the wood. Therefore it has the thermal power and lasts long overturning the image of traditional sawdust charcoal. In addition, it has the advantage of easy-ignition, no sparking and crackling, smell-less and easy to cut.

Eco Mark certification


"Taiyotan" is made by firing it to 1200 degree C for 15 days which is 3 times longer than usual in a kiln after compressing the sawdust with the special technology. Taiyotan, 100% pure sawdust charcoal not containing impurities and harmful substances has been in the spotlight of mass communication received the Eco Mark certification (the only in combustion charcoal) in 1995.

Letter of appreciation

letter of thanks

Over 15 years, the charcoal factory producing the high quality sawdust charcoal made by the same process as the Japanese natural charcoal is successfully established after many trials and errors using the sawdust considered infinite in Indonesia. In recognition of our contributions to to the development of charcoal industry and human resource, we received the letter of appreciation from the development and investment institution of Indonesia government awarded on March 7,2000.

Goods are prepared a lot.

Besides the charcoal, we are dealing with BBQ grills, chopsticks, detergent for store, ironware and so on. Since we support you for the opening the new shop, so please do not hesitate to contact us! I'll support around the store, so please consult any time!

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