GANBANYOKU is Japanese. Their meanings are, GAN = Rock, BAN= board, YOKU=Bath. Guests lie down on the bed made by special wormed rock. If we can say it by English, may be “Lying Sauna on the Warm Rock”.

In the history of GANBANYOKU, the treatment that hits the wormed stone, sand or the salt to the diseased part is roots in the world. In Japan, it seems to have been effective by the use of theses method considerably to ease stomachache, etc. in around 1955 when the medicine was not familiar as today.

Present popular GANBANYOKU changed to like that spread the straw mat or the bath towel, etc. on the flat warm rock heated by far-infrared radiation, lie down there around 1 hour, then sweat out the high perspiration like as the sauna.

These spas started from the natural hot radium spring spa to be better for fatal disease. Many patients lie down on the wormed rock by hot spring water.

In our artificial GANBANYOKU, steadily exhausts the body by heating the surface of the bedrock (plate) about 50 degree C (their substantial temperature is 42-45 degree C because it covered by the bath towel etc.) and lying down on there. Then guests can be gradually wormed up without any damage or stimulation to accelerate high perspiration, and the tiredness material or the body waste which are accumulated for long term, are exhausted with sweat.

The similar effects can be got by normal sauna, but their inside temperature is very high, 90-100 degree C, many guests will feel hard breath and exhaust their strength. If such a load can be slowly spent on the worm rock bed, wonderful high volume of sweat comes out! After the wiped sweat, their skins become smoothly, like as younger age.

The cave of Badgastein in Austria

There are some famous natural radiation GANBANYOKU in the spa of Tamagawa, Akita Pref. in Japan and the cave of Badgastein in Austria. A lot of effects are reported for the improvement of cancer, a diabetic, atopic dermatitis, neuralgia, an independence nerve system disease, chronic rheumatism, a cancellation of the bristletail and wrinkle, lumbagos, pains in the knee, and various symptoms that accompany arthritis, asthma, bronchitis, gout, etc.

Recently their reservation of treatment needs to wait for a long term.

What is “Radiation GANBANYOKU”

Those effectiveness can be appeared by 2 reasons, one is mysterious force from slight radiation come from radium which is called as “hormesis effect” (shown on Chapter 4) and the other is, gas of radon, which was spread by disintegration, & negative ions can be absorbed by mostly mouth or skin breathe inner body.

In our Natural Radiation GANBANYOKU, can be taken radon gas from rock in the bed, also it has far-infrared efficiency. All visitors can be feeling experience at real radiation spa resort.