What is “hormesis effect “

This theory was established by Dr. Thomas D. Lucky in Misery University, USA.

Slight radiation, 100 to 1,000 times bigger than natural, can accelerate to discharge for hormone which is necessary for maintaining organism and activating cell.

According to this “hormesis effect”, the volume of discharge in hormone will increase 3 times more, and it will help relaxation a lot for all kinds of sickness.

In addition to, increase antioxidant enzymatic, SOD, and gene inhibiter for cancer. Also it increase apoptosis effect and activate total health condition.

Originally, DNA is programmed in cell of human to be able to survive 120 years old, but is it true in our life? No, there are only some people who can accomplish original design in127 million populations. We only can do by our natural human power are, taking care strong immune and keep cell to delay aging, to survive until 120 years old.

The affections of far-inferred

Far inferred is longer wave inferred, wavelength is around 2.5 micro meter to 1mm. Far inferred is not visible light, but many hot materials, including sun shine & human, can radiate. Of course, their dosage is variable, small or bigger.

The best absorbed wavelength for warming up water or going inner body deeply, is 4 to 14 micro meter, their peak is 8.9 micro meter, called as useful electromagnetic radiation. It is also good not to be absorbed by organism.

Useful electromagnetic radiation can affect to the most important basic function for bioplasm. It has heating reaction in cellular structure, and generates the blood circulation to expand blood capillary. Then heat reactions also work acceleration to spread out waste products or hazardous material from body. For example, it can work acceleration to exhaust over natrium, can be the cause of high blood pressure, or uric acid can be the course of arthritis. Also work to improve the circulation of solution for cell and increase calcium ions in the cell, and so on.

Over all for far-inferred effect renewal the activation of week cell, and increase the capability of discharge for many kinds of enzymatic and hormone by their excellent the power of heat transfer and heat vibration inner body.

Referred the case of natural radiation GANBANYOKU in the spa of Tamagawa and so on, visitors could feel longer warm condition heated high efficiency from the core of body, then they can get refresh and open mind. Those extremely nice feeling must improve the power of self-immune, and feed realization for nervous. Its are all caused by gas of radon and affection of far-inferred coming from wormed rock

The positive effects of negative ions

Electron may come out from atom or molecule by some energy attack. Those lost electron atom or molecule can be electric positive (+), called as positive ions. The other way, lost electron atom or molecule can be electric negative (-), called as negative ions.

Then why negative ions are necessary for our life. Before explain it, need to know about the redox (oxidation ? reduction). Oxidation is taking electron from atom or molecule, and reduction is feeding electron to them. Those reactions may occur together. For example, iron rust, fish decay, flower die, skin get old with blotch or wrinkle. Active oxygen is very strong oxidant to deprive electron. It may attack the core of cell inner body, and upset the bind of DNA. But if we can add electron to it, it become stable and make it inability. So we always need to take vitamin C or E, called as SOD (antioxidant), which have additive electron. Negative irons which have additive electron can feed them to active oxygen quickly, then we can prevent aging.

Therefore too much ingestion of SOD will be the cause of build-up active oxygen, too.

The small current from radium stone may discharge immediately by touching mists. Then mists are decomposed to oxygen and hydrogen, later generated high active negative ions which is harmless for body. Also those negative ions work as high surface activity (cleaning affects), and make easy to excrete waste materials, fragment cluster of water molecule.

Moreover, also made blood fragmentation to be easy to carry oxygen into the end of cell, and return with carbon dioxide and waste materials.

  • Effections to alkalify and clean blood.
  • Effections to control automatic nerve.
  • Effections to make stronger lung.
  • Effections to accelerate activation for cell. (depress oxidation)
  • Effections to stable mind.
  • Effections to make strong immune.
  • Effections to relief pain. (antiinflammation)
  • Effections to normalize blood circulation.
  • Effections to clan air.