It is a super minure air bubble with a diameter of 0.1 micro nanometers,(1/10,000mm). The Bollina series and micro-nanobubble products incorporate a unique device (μ-jet mechanism) which generates a micro-nanobubble from air in the water.You can enjoy the micro-nanobubble in your home bathroom by simply changing your shower head.

From the Japanese countryside We deliver micro-nanobubbles to the world.



About 8% higher skin moisture!
By flushing dirt from the depths of the skin pores and wrinkles,skin moisture is retained for a longer time.


Skin surface temperature difference after showering increases about 6times.
Skin surface temperature measured after showering hot water on both hands with a normal shower head and a Bollina shower head.


Temperature measured after soaking both hands for 3 minutes in hot water from a normal shower head and a Bollina shower head.


Water bill saving of about 20,000yen per year.
Calculated on a family of 4,each taking a 7 minute shower every day.By saving 50% of a 14L/min water flow,an annual water saving of 27,000 2 liter per bottles can be made.