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Effect of charcoal

The far infrared effect that charcoal originally has warms the body and promotes blood circulation. It stimulates metabolism and calms physical troubles caused by poor circulation.

Extra water is absorbed in the fine pores of the charcoal, making it smooth during high humidity in the summer. In the dry winter, the retained water is released little by little. Comfortable all year round.

Charcoal has the electrical property of giving off negative ions. Enzymes with many negative ions enhance metabolism, purify blood, and help reduce stress.

Adsorbs odorant harmful substances into the fine pores of charcoal. Microbes in the holes are decomposed and odors are removed. The effect is also used for gas masks.

Charcoal is a block of carbon. Since it is highly reducing, bacteria and mites that prefer oxidized places do not approach.

The effect of firmly catching and purifying harmful substances. This makes it possible to make delicious water, remove harmful formaldehyde in the room, and purify water in the fishbowl.

The water contained in the charcoal can be converted to mineral water by melting out the minerals contained in the charcoal. However, minerals are used up for a certain period of time, and the effect is lost.

Putting crushed charcoal into pillows and bedding can help you sleep better, and putting charcoal in your child’s room can calm and motivate your child.

Various usage

It’s hot in charcoal hot springs

Put about 2 kg of charcoal in the net and put it in the bath. Chlorine is adsorbed on charcoal, which is gentle on the skin and creates a hot water that promotes blood circulation with a far-infrared effect. After use, drain well and dry it regularly in the sun for about 1 month.

I want to eat delicious rice!

Approximately 100g of charcoal for 3 to 5 go of rice is added before cooking rice.
When the rice is cooked fluffy and kept warm, the odor of rice that often comes out is considerably reduced. The mineral effect lasts for about a week.

Charcoal is a natural water purifier

Put about 100g of charcoal in 1L of water and leave it in the refrigerator for at least 8 hours. You can enjoy handmade mineral water as the mineral components of charcoal melt. The mineral effect lasts for about a week.

You can have a lot of vegetables!

The roots of the plant become stronger and less susceptible to disease. You can expect beautiful harvests of flowers and more vegetables than usual. Use it by mixing it with organic fertilizer.

Helping you live a comfortable life

For drinking water and coffee

The chlorine and impurities in tap water are removed, and the soft taste is enhanced by the minerals of Bincho charcoal.

In the refrigerator

It has a deodorizing effect and maintains the freshness of vegetables, fruits and fresh fish.

In the rice bowl / bag

It removes the smell of rice bran, controls moisture, and keeps it fresh to help absorb rice.

In tempura

It absorbs the water content of the material and has a far-infrared effect for a crisp finish. It also prevents oil oxidation and keeps dirt out for a long time.

For pickles and rice bran pickles

It absorbs the smell of the bran floor, suppresses the formation of mold, and the mineral content of charcoal makes the pickles delicious.

In a vase and a fishbowl

Bincho charcoal removes impurities and scaly water from tap water to create clean water that is kind to flowers and creatures.

For gardening

The air in the room is clean due to the negative ion effect of charcoal and plants. It is also ideal for room interiors.

Beside electrical appliances

The negative ions emitted by Bincho charcoal balance the air and cut the electromagnetic waves generated from electrical appliances.

In the shoe box

It has a deodorant effect and removes unpleasant odors from the toilet and shoe boxes.

In the bath

Warm from the core of the body by the far infrared effect. The mineral of Bincho charcoal makes the water soft and gentle on the skin.

Before using other than fuel

  • A fine powder of charcoal comes out at the beginning of use. After washing with water, boil for 10 to 20 minutes before use.
  • When using it for drinking water, wash it with water and boil it regularly, and dry it before use.
  • Replace it with a new one once a month.
  • Keep out of reach of young children. This product is not food.
  • Once wet, charcoal may explode. Please do not heat.
  • Please use charcoal after use to reduce the odor by mixing it with garbage.