Perspiration&body temperature

Regarding perspiration, Dr. Andrew Weil in Harvard University, USA said, “Perspiration is not only working as thermo controller for body, but also excrete waste products from body.”

Especially it helps for detoxication of liver & kidney, he hardly recommends regularly sweat.It is necessary for keeping good health to discharge poisonous matter and stress from body.Men of today fall ill due to the accumulated atmospheric pollution, foods & water contamination inner body. Also stress society may accelerate these situations.

Most important things to maintain good health is, need to eliminate biggest 2 factors, detoxication and heal stress. So we need to sweat from hair gland, called as second perspiration.

Regarding body temperature, temperature of normal healthy people is around 36.5 degree C. Therefore nowadays, there are many people whose temperature is lower than 36 degree C, called as hypothermal syndrome. Those patients will be the cause of fatness or lifestyle related disease, such as high blood pressure, cardiac infarction, diabetes and so on. And sometimes it became the triggar of any other kinds of illness. Because our human activitiy in our boday must work normal based on 36.5 degree C. If decreased body temparature, may affect to drop the activity for cell in our body.

  • If body temperature increased 1 degree C, basal metabolism will increase 12%
  • If body temperature increased 1 degree C, immune will increase 60%
  • The other side, if body temperature decreased 1 degree C, immune will decrease 35%

In normal condition, spare moisture inner body may exhaust by urine, perspiration or stool.

But if decreased body temperature, that moisture can’t exhaust correctly due to decompose the function of kidney for urine, skin for perspiration colic for stool and so on. Then it makes troubles correct working for organ or organization that spare moisture remain inner body and it work for cooling down body.

Shortest cut way for maintaining good health condition is warming up body to discharge waist products.

The cancer cell can be stopped progress at 42 degree C. So there are many cases, it is true story that cancer carriers can be cured by the low temperature sauna.Recently their reservation of treatment needs to wait for a long term.