Commercial detergent

We propose the optimum detergent for each cleaning target by selecting the detergent and cleaning agent according to the dirt.

1.Dishwashing detergent
2.Sterilization / bleach
3.Disinfectant detergent (non-chlorine type)
4.Cleaning agent for oil stains
5.In-store cleaning detergent (toilet, window glass, etc.)
6.Hand wash soap solution
7.Hand sanitizer
8.Diluter, subdivision tool, etc.
9.Alcohol preparation
10.Dedicated cleaning agent for kitchen equipment and facilities
11.Detergent to wash
12.Microbial preparation, bathroom cleaner, waste treatment agent
13.Cleaning agent for dishwasher
14.Solid fuel
15.Various fuels for chafing
17.Pot, stove, moisturizer, etc.
18.Detergents and sanitizers for food factories (Sanipraun)

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